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Published: 31st October 2008
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Timeshare sales representatives are neither an excellent nor a dependable

source of details regarding the advisability of a person's purchase. Total

charge of a timeshare comprises of the commissions given to sales representative

as well as the support staff and administrators under the representative. There

are many timeshare hotspots around the globe. Orlando, Miami, and Las Vegas have

witnessed substantial growth in timeshare development and tourism. There are

many people who offer timeshare for rent to make some extra money - at least to

cover its maintenance costs. If this is something you are interested in doing,

be sure to check with the onsite management. They may already have a timeshare

rental program already in place.

Online auctions have become a great way to liquidate timeshare holdings. You may

have to satisfy yourself with little or unimpressive return when thinking about

buying a timeshare as an investment. timeshare developers sell different types

of vacation properties to all those people who wish to buy timeshares for a

particular amount of time. Renting a timeshare to offset expenses is a great

option for both the parties - the owner and the borrower.

The available inventory of timeshare rentals is huge. Just about everything

you can imagine is "in stock". How about a room in an estate overlooking the

countryside of England Or perhaps a suite in a villa in Italy? Or maybe even a

chateau in France? If you want it, you can find it...and guess what, you can use

your timeshare points. When thinking about selling a timeshare, just keep in

mind that It is common for developers to use marketing companies, which take 50

per cent of sales proceeds. There are various timeshare point systems, so it's

advisable to check with an expert to explain the differences to you. A great

thing about many timeshare companies is they are available across the world.

Hence, timeshare buyers or owners may enjoy timeshare services anywhere, due to

the point exchange programs.

Even some resale companies' charge a hefty price of around $700 to market your

timeshare but in fact, they do nothing to sell it. Always ask for a list of

testimonies from past customers. If they can't offer any, then you may want to

think twice about using that company. At times, timeshare packages are also

available for water sports enthusiasts. My one piece of advice for you is this:

The number of weeks for which people will be staying in the timeshare vacations

spots is mentioned in the contract paper. So make sure you know how many weeks

you are buying. You may been told one thing, or remember 'hearing' something

else, but what you have in reality is going to be in writing on your contract.

So, read your contract!

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